Joel Richardson is a Canadian Production Designer, accomplished artist, and a multi-platform storyteller. He is also a co-founder of the METIPSO PORTAL experimental media lab and an award-winning member of the Director's Guild of Canada. Throughout his career, Joel has showcased his art globally, with exhibitions in New York City, Miami, Moscow, Paris, Kenya, and various locations across Canada. Driven by a relentless pursuit of creative challenges, Joel recently transitioned from his role as an Art Director to embrace the role of Production Designer. His approach to Production Design is imbued with his unique artistic vision, and he thrives in the collaborative and creative atmosphere that the world of filmmaking offers. Joel's journey into the realm of Production Design commenced with season two of Steven Soderberg's "The Girlfriend Experience." In 2022, he embarked on a remarkable two-month journey to Kenya, where he applied his creative prowess as a Production Designer for his first feature screenplay, "KIPKEMBOI," which received a greenlight from Telefilm Canada and the CBC. Noteworthy recent projects include Production Designing the BBC-partnered series "Popularity Papers" and an episode of the NBC Universal show "One of Us Is Lying."


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