After 7 years of painting and planning my Dupont Underpass Mural has finaly been finished.


Here I am out of my mind with excitement at the completion of the last piece of my mural July 25th, 2015.

photo 1

We hit the wall at about 10pm Friday night with our first set of giant stencils.  The final piece of the mural was the north side under the railway bridge, the only part of the underpass I had not painted.

EGR at the wall

To finish off the mural I teamed up with amazing Canadian Street Artist EGR, aka Erica Balon.


The final part of the mural would be based on this sketch that EGR and I developed together.  We sent it back and forth through email, printed it out, stenciled on it, scanned it, emailied it, wripped it, rolled and smoked it until we came up with this.


The first night we sketched out our plan and laid down our base pattern.  It was the most happening underpass in the GTA that Friday night.

It was a jam packed underpass all weekend, with the SUITMAN crew laying it down!

Sheilagh Power

I was extremely lucky to get one of the world’s best restoration artists Sheilagh Power to coordinate the restoring of my original two murals in the same underpass.  The completion of the last piece, along with the restoration has brought the entire underpass together into one very large piece.  I was very happy with how it all came together.
Head Restoration Artist

photo 2

My long time friend and photographer Zeferino Barbosa dropped by and took some great shots of us getting crazy at the wall.
Joel, EGR and the SUTIMAN

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made this project possible, there are too many of you to thank by name.  It was a huge team effort and it is a testament to all of our hard work and crazy ideas that this mural is still standing, better than ever.

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