I met today with Councillor Bailao, and the Director of the Public Realm, Elyse Parker, in the city hall members lounge, just off the council chamber.  I had to pass through the full  council chamber, everyone including the mayor was there to debate some bicycle lane issues.  I was in a brand new suit that had fell in my lap earlier in the day!

The councillor left the debate to meet with me.   It was once again a friendly and informative meeting.  They let me know that the  July 28th meeting will be somewhat of a referendum for or against my mural.  Attendees will receive a questionaire of some sort, and can express their approval or disaproval.  I was also told people could express their opinions on line.  The councillor will speak first to go over how we got to where we are, and then I will have the opportunity to present my vision for the wall.

I am working on the designs with a very talented graffiti writer named AMOS.

I will release my first official drawing on Friday.

This drawing will appear on the flyer for the meeting to be distributed in the community.

I hope that the merits of the work will speak for itself.


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  1. adminguy says:

    Good luck bud.

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