To whom it may concern,

I take my children on the T.T.C. to school.  We ride the Dupont bus under the bridge where for the longest time my children would love
to see the pictures. My children were very inquisitive about the art and at that moment without fail everytime the bus drove under the bridge at the Dupont underpass we all learned something new. Now the questions differ, my children ask what happened to that man, where did he go? Who did that to the wall? As if someone erased something of value to them, as if someone did something wrong. Their questions now reverberate with an air of tabu.  I responded with a glimmer of hope, I told them they were getting the walls ready to make new pictures.  As we near to the underpass the children gather at the window and ask, ” When?”  Soon.  I wonder, what kind of questions the new mural will evoke?

Kelly-Ann Foley.

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