One of my recently started murals was deleted this past weekend. Looking into it there has been some interest in finding out why.–artist-says-city-erased-mural-it-paid-him-to-paint–city-was-hasty-in-erasing-mural-councillor-says

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3 Responses to Mural removed!

  1. vellaem says:

    Section 14.1 of Canada’s Copyright Act protects the moral rights of authors. It has been successfully used to defend sculpture that was commissioned. In Snow v. The Eaton Centre Ltd, the Toronto Eaton Centre had commissioned the artist Michael Snow for a sculpture of Canada Geese. Snow successfully stopped Eaton’s from decorating the geese with bows at Christmas. The facts in your case seem to go far beyond this, and yet the city commissioned it. You may have an Intellectual Property law case against the city. Please consider taking legal action or at least consulting a lawyer as it is a legally novel claim.

    • ignore vallaem…. says:

      Vallaem:You may have an Intellectual Property law case against the city.

      Really? How about Joel already got paid for his hipster piece of shit mural (actually just stencils anyone could have made in Photoshop–anyone that lacks fucking talent), that obviously didn’t cost $2000 in time/energy/imagination/materials/etc…

      Why don’t you let it go? Your name is getting mentioned, that’s obviously all you care about. So, wait for the city to come back and ask you to re-do it for another wasted two grand.

      I know you don’t call yourself a street artist because if you did you wouldn’t be so upset that some of your work got destroyed… shit happens every day kid.

      Fucking poser.

    • Vallaem is right says:

      Vallaem is right. Toronto was insecure about the epic political statement in the mural. They all suck the corporate cock. This guy hating here is a paid employee of the republicans. They have people who just go around and post on blogs, fb, twitter, anything to create an insincere sense of support on the right. Truth is the truly free thinking people vastly outnumber the scientifically verifiable psychopathic (1 in 20 people have no real sense of empathy nor real feelings of altruism, only learned artificially through conditioning) plus greedy rich old republicans. Richardson’s statement is very genuine and it was a good thing for toronto to delete it, as it brought Richardson more attention. suckaz!

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